The Lakeside History Trail provides a tour of this historic area; roadside signs mark areas of interest, with QR codes that may be scanned by smart-phones to load Web pages like this one that provide historic photos and more information about the area.

The Lakeside History Trail comprises the following historical markers:

Lakeside Park History Trail

Site #LP-1


The history of the Lakeside Park neighborhood dates back to the 1800s, when the land straddling the state line on Lake Tahoe's South Shore was owned by Captain William Lapham (who had earlier owned the Lake House in Al Tahoe), then later by Katherine Smith Hill and her husbands, Elisha B. Smith and Arthur Marion Hill.

Around 1920, the widowed Mrs. Hill gave seven acres of land on the Nevada side of the state line to the Episcopal Bishop. This land, northwest of U.S. Highway 50, would become the original Camp Galilee Episcopal church summer camp, and later the site of Harvey's Resort Hotel & Casino.

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