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Current and past residents of The Old Historic Al Tahoe Cemetery:

Arrabilasaga, Baby  (b. unknown; d. unknown)
Barton, Fannie Rowland  (b.1869; d. 1959)
Barton, Herman  (b.1860; d. unknown)
Bloom, Maggie  (b. unknown; d. unknown)
Buell, Charles S.  (b. Feb. 5, 1852; d. Jun. 13, 1885)
Dickey, Flora Rowland  (b.1858; d. 1945)
Dickey, Leo  (b.1885; d.1959)
Dickey, Orsame W.  (b.1853; d. unknown)
Foster, John  (b. unknown; d. unknown)
Goodrich, A. H.  (b. Apr. 14, 1820; d. Oct., 1895)
Hill, Arthur Marion  (b.1858; d. unknown)
Hill, Kate G.  (b. 1858; d. 1939)
Peter, Richard  (b. unknown; d. unknown)
Powers, Cyrus Perkins  (b. Jul. 20, 1828; d. Jul. 25, 1887)
Rowland, Saphrania  (b. 1838; d. 1910 est.)
Rowland, Thomas Benton  (b. 3/1831 Vermont; d. 8/1883)
Young, Homer  (b. 1849; d. 1873)
Young, Perle  (b. unknown; d. unknown)
Young, Susan Close  (b. 1826; d. 1918)
Young, Charles P.  (b. Apr. 28,1826; d. Jul. 8,1907)

Thomas Rowland may have died without seeing his community transition to AI Tahoe but he and Sophronia have a permanent home there. Thomas and Sophronia are buried at the cemetery which sits on land dedicated by Thomas to be a cemetery. Records show Thomas dedicated the property in 1868; while other records show the first burial took place in 1861. In addition to the Rowlands, other local pioneer families are buried here, including members of the Barton and Goodrich families.

The cemetery was established before Al Tahoe was subdivided and Alameda and Tallac Avenues were delineated. Alameda Avenue was paved without regard for the existing graves. The cemetery was originally diagonal to these avenues and extended into adjacent lots on Alameda and Tallac Avenues.

A 1974 Tahoe Daily Tribune article reports the last timely burial, meaning immediately following death, occurred in 1959. There was one more burial, actually a reburial, that occurred in 1975. The story goes that the gas company was digging a trench along Alameda Avenue, apparently using a mechanical trencher as former AI Tahoe Postmaster, Stan Meyers, who witnessed the event, said "bones were flying far and wide!" An urn was uncovered during the trenching and the Historical Society was able to identify the remains from papers in the urn as belonging to Arthur Hill.

Arthur Hill had died in 1913 while in the Bay Area and was buried in the cemetery either on Halloween or on November 1. The Historical Society arranged a funeral procession to the cemetery and reburied Arthur Hill at one minute after midnight, November 1, 1975.

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